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•Does Express offer After Sales Service?
Express offer a comprehensive after sales service and all enquires are dealt with in a prompt and professional manner. Express Manager, Dale Hancox is available to talk with about any concerns or additional information you may need regarding your bus.
• Does the bus come with a warranty?
Express Coach Builders offer a 2 year full warranty on all workmanship, component and parts manufactured as well as a 2 year warranty on the body frame work.
• What if I would like something changed on my bus that is not listed on the Specification?
We encourage all types of feed back from customers and endeavour to make changes which are best suited to an individuals particular needs.
• How do I access to spare parts for my bus?
Being a proud Australian manufacturer we have access to additional parts and accessories for your completed bus, we also stock a vast array of parts and if it’s not in stock and you are looking for parts or accessories contact our Purchasing and Spare Parts team on (02) 6568 4000 and they will assist with any requirements you may need.
•How long does it take to complete my bus once it has been ordered from receipt of Chassis?
Based on your build specification, on average it takes around 14 working weeks to complete a bus in our production line.
• Do I get to choose the interior and exterior finishes to my bus?
Yes. We have a list of suppliers and colour schemes available for you to select from, however if you have a particular colour scheme or design you would prefer, we can discuss the options available.
• What type of Air Conditioning is recommended?
The decision is entirely up to each customer. We currently install systems from Thermo King, Sphero and CoachAir, this option may be best discussed with your Chassis supplier as some brands run better on certain chassis sizes.
• Do I get to see my bus during the build process?
You are more than welcome to visit our factory on the Mid North Coast of NSW at any time during your bus building process.
• What type of seats does Express install in my bus?
Seating is another customer preference option, we have a list of options of seat types, fabrics and material and a list of different companies that supply them.
• Is Express Coach Builders members of the Bus and Coach Industry Confederation?
Yes! Express are kept up to date with all legislative requirements and by being active members of the BIC are kept up to date with all the necessary information to keep within safety requirements.

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